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Google Pixel 2: 8/10ths of an Apple-Killer Strategy.

What would it take to cause Apple to fail? While Steve Jobs was alive, the prevalent belief was that it would take his removal from the company. That has happened, but Apple's valuation and reserves are higher. Although the foundational element was removed, no one really went after Apple hard until last week, when Google launched a comprehensive strategy that clearly targeted the company.

Gadget Ogling: Same Old Apple

 Watching Apple's product announcement showcase is a bit like celebrating New Year's. People from all over the world are drawn to this annual event with the promise of something new and exciting, a vision of tomorrow and untold promise. Yet the more it comes around, the more disappointed we are. That promised kiss from a stranger at midnight is a dud. Our best intentions fall by the wayside. 

Android Devs May Follow Apple's Face ID Lead

Apple's use of facial recognition to unlock its iPhone X may open the gates for developers champing at the bit to bring the technology to the Android world. Face ID, which will replace fingerprint scanning in Apple's new iPhone X, uses2017 Apple's TrueDepth 3D camera to verify the owner of a phone. Android developers have been working on similar systems, said Sensible Vision CEO George Brostoff.

iOS Users May Regret Going to 11

Blowback over Apple's iOS 11 upgrade has been increasing, despite an update that was supposed to solve battery drainage issues and a large number of other glitches but apparently has not done the job. Apple officially launched iOS 11 on September 19, but problems quickly became apparent, prompting the company to roll out iOS 11.0.1 just a week later.

AI Ripples Through Google's New Product Lineup

Google on Wednesday propelled a group of new items into its developing equipment and programming biological system at its Made by Google occasion. A large number of the new gadgets are mixed with counterfeit consciousness capacities. "Since a year ago and since Google I/O, we've been buckling down, proceeding with our work day from a portable initially to an AI-first world," Google CEO Sundar Pichai told the social event.

OpenWorld 2017

I spent a week ago at Oracle's OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco. When I wasn't drinking from a data fire hose, it was on the other hand interesting and debilitating. There were real declarations in database, blockchain, manmade brainpower, cybersecurity, and other stuff I'm related with just digressively. For example, my eyes space out when they begin discussing uncovered metal servers.